When it comes to building a home, the right people make all the difference. Enhance Building Management are with you every step of the way.


Building your own home is exciting, creative, inspiring… and just a little bit daunting.

We’re here to act as your independent facilitator, so you’re free to enjoy the process with the confidence of an expert at your side.


We provide independent, impartial Building Management and Consultancy


Enhance Building Management, takes you through the entire build process and works on your behalf to secure the best team for your building projects.

With extensive knowledge of residential building, established networks and a commitment to delivering you the best quality for the best price, we help you build more than just a home.


Let us help you get:


A better designed home

We work together with you from the start to develop a detailed brief that reflects the needs and desires of your family, and recommend a pool of architects and designers who work in the style you envision. We know through experience that having the right designers on board from the start leads to a better home at the end.


A more cost-effective home

Because we put your design out to tender and aren’t biased towards any particular supplier, we can deliver competitive cost savings. You spend less on your build than you would by committing to a single contractor from the start – giving more dollars and cents to spend on the things that matter.


A higher quality home

The build itself is often the most stressful part of the process and it’s one where we excel in taking the pressure off you. We collaborate with all teams on the job to ensure they’re working to time and on budget, whilst achieving the high quality standard set out for your home.



The difference with Enhance Building Management is that we work for homeowners and achieve the right outcomes for your building requirements - Keeping you in control and informed while we manage the process.


Your Build.
Our Knowledge.


Fulfill your dream, without the stress

Know you’re getting quality at a fair price

Gain access to our trusted and approved network of service providers

Be confident in a clear and concise process

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Having engaged with Chris to help us with organising the rebuild process has been an amazing experience. It has been so simple having him guide us through the process of getting plans organised, liaising with the building company ensuring everything is in place.
— Barry and Beth
We have never built a house before, and the prospect was quite daunting, however, Chris guided us through the whole process, always taking note of our “wants”. We believe the end result will be fantastic.

We would urge any prospective client to make full use of the services offered as it sure lifts a load off your shoulders.
— Lindsay and Bob
Working with Chris we have had total input & control & decision making regarding our new home, while having the peace of mind that we are well supported, with the many other hurdles that we have encountered.
— Brian and Janette
Chris as our project manager helped with many decisions that had to be made from appointing an architect through to furnishing the completed home. Decisions, decisions, decisions – there were so many which needed to be made. Chris was a great source of information. He made recommendations for us to consider and put us in touch with people who could advise us resulting in an outcome we are very happy with. Chris also had significant input into the floor plan resulting in an excellent outcome as, at our time in life, we have everything we need for daily living on the first floor of our two storey home.
We are very grateful for Chris’ support and encouragement. Even though we have been in our new home for six months he is still available to us and, as always, is just a phone call away. Chris was very easy to work with, understanding and worked to achieve the best result for us.
— David and Sheryn
My house, damaged in the Christchurch quakes, was deemed a rebuild by my insurance company. All of the other four houses on my driveway were also rebuilds, so the three insurance companies got together and decided they’d have one common team working on all five homes. When they also put restrictions the betterment I could pay for, I tried to withdraw and take the money. Their response was that if I pulled out, none of my neighbours’ homes would be built either.

Chris undertook the job to liaise between me, the builder and the insurance people. He convinced them to allow me to build what I wanted.

When problems arose he’d say ‘don’t worry, I’ll fix it’. And I didn’t worry, because he did fix them. He also helped translate builder-speak into language I understood, and helped me to make those decisions I felt overwhelmed by.

After the houses were built and we moved back home, several of my (elderly) neighbours commented as to how stressful they had found the process, and the fact that their houses still had problems. Their comments just reinforced my gratitude to Chris, and even my thanks for the awful behaviour of the insurance companies who had driven me to employ him.

I strongly recommend Chris and his team to anyone starting a building project. He’ll take the stress out of the process and help you to get the house you want.
— Anne